Grant Spotlight: 2024 Women in Philanthropy Leadership Fund Grant

Grant Spotlight: 2024 Women in Philanthropy Leadership Fund Grant

Catholic Giving


Catholic giving is one way we ensure our baptismal promise is fulfilled. It goes beyond charitable giving and puts a special emphasis on our faith. As Catholics, we have been making promises to bring us closer to Christ since our birth. When we are baptized, one of the most important promises we make to God is to serve all people following the example of his son, Jesus. From that point on, we are his disciples, responsible for sharing God’s love and spreading the Gospel message to one another. We become responsible for each other as one family of God. It’s up to us to show kindness, compassion, generosity and hope. It’s our job to willingly share our many blessings with each other and fulfill our baptismal promise.

How You Can Give

CFGP offers a range of Catholic giving opportunities. Our unparalleled knowledge of the needs of our region’s ministries ensures your gifts are stewarded where they are most needed. Our goal is to provide an avenue of giving that’s customized to you, while strengthening the ministries of our faith.

Create a Fund

When you create a fund with CFGP, you are investing in the future of our faith. Each gift ensures a legacy of faith-based philanthropy that strengthens our ministries for years to come.

Current CFGP Funds

Our team is always working to make the greatest impact on our faith communities and ministries—and we know you are too. Our funds represent many different parishes and organizations across the Greater Philadelphia region. You can contribute to an existing fund and help secure the future of that organization, or you can create one of your own. Giving through CFGP not only enables you to support the causes you care about, but it’s paired with expert knowledge of the Catholic giving landscape through our dedicated team of professionals. Together, we can steward your gift to where it’s most needed and ensure you're giving power reaches its fullest potential.