Celebrating 10 Years! We are thrilled to announce that 2023 marks the 10th anniversary of The Catholic Foundation of Greater Philadelphia. We are highlighting people and events which have shaped us into the organization we are today. Visit our 10th Anniversary page.

Celebrating 10 Years! We are thrilled to announce that 2023 marks the 10th anniversary of The Catholic Foundation of Greater Philadelphia. We are highlighting people and events which have shaped us into the organization we are today. Visit our 10th Anniversary page.

10th Anniversary


Sarah_new_crop.jpgWe are thrilled to announce that 2023 marks the 10th anniversary of The Catholic Foundation of Greater Philadelphia. When we started the Foundation in 2013, it was our dream to build an organization that would not only help people all over the greater Philadelphia area but also accomplish this with the love and intention of the teachings of Jesus Christ. Our founding Board members are a dedicated group of Philadelphia Catholics who wanted to help preserve the goodness of our Faith. What started as a dream 10 years ago has turned into a thriving 501(c)(3) nonprofit foundation. 

Founded on the principles of transparency and accountability and built on the teachings of Jesus Christ, today, CFGP is the leading resource for Catholic and faith-based philanthropy in the Philadelphia area. We work with donors to manage their charitable funds by helping them choose investment opportunities that meet their individual philanthropic goals.  Since 2013, CFGP has distributed over $19M from funds established with us. Additionally, over the years, through our nonprofit consulting services, CFGP has expanded to include support and direction with growing and sustaining ministries at parishes and Catholic organizations. Through this collaboration, our nonprofit consulting services have raised more than $31M.  By assisting both groups, CFGP has helped multiply the impact of Catholic organizations all over the Greater Philadelphia region.

Over the next year, as we celebrate our 10th Anniversary, we will be highlighting people and events which have shaped The CFGP into the organization it is today. From our Board of Trustees and our team of professionals to the local Catholic community and the Archdiocese of Philadelphia, many hands have helped to shape CFGP. We are stronger together, and the community impact we’ve been able to make over our 10 years of operation has been made possible because of people like you. We are looking forward to sharing our stories with you.

It is exciting to think about what our next ten years will bring. With the Lord as our beacon to light the way, we are confident every day that the future will be filled with kindness, compassion, generosity, and hope. 


Sarah O. Hanley
President and CEO
The Catholic Foundation of Greater Philadelphia



CFGP Board of Trustees and CFGP Team Members Give Back

In celebration of our 10 Year Anniversary and a desire to “give back,” the CFGP Board of Trustees and CFGP team members met on Thursday, March 16th, to assemble “Blessing-Bags” for the community of St. John’s Hospice here in Philadelphia. We made 250 bags, including socks, hand sanitizers, protein bars, water bottles, applesauce, trail mix, and more.


    Saint John’s Hospice is a Catholic Social Services shelter for men located in Center City, Philadelphia. Saint John’s provides crucial, life-sustaining services with dignity, respect, and compassion to men experiencing homelessness. These services include a residence for over 250 men; service of over 3,000 meals each week; 160 showers with clean clothing weekly; mailroom services for over 900 men; case management, medical assistance, and counseling in excess of 375 men each day; and emergency shelter for 27 chronically homeless men.

    It is an honor and privilege to give back to the Catholic community of Greater Philadelphia. If you want to give back to any Catholic Social Services beneficiaries, please visit thecfgp.org/donate/chs.

    To see more pictures from this event, visit our social media channels: Facebook and Instagram

10YA_Paul Klauder.png

Paul Klauder, CFGP Board of Trustees

Celebrating 10 Years! Paul Klauder, a member of CFGP’s Board of Trustees, shares one of his favorite memories from his time on the board.

“I have had great memories and experiences in my nearly five years on the Board.  I have met and interacted with so many passionate Board members and CFGP professionals.  I am amazed at the commitment to the mission of CFGP.  My favorite memory


    is how the Board and staff rallied and engaged immediately following the initial lockdown from COVID-19 in March 2020.  Outreach, counseling, and financial support for churches, schools, and individuals were extraordinary.  This was all done with a great work ethic while exhibiting compassion and empathy during an unprecedented event.”

10YA_Father Banecker Website.png

Rev. Eric Banecker, Saint Francis de Sales Parish

Celebrating 10 Years! Here’s a wonderful story about Saint Francis de Sales Parish in West Philly as told by Rev. Eric Banecker, “After I had been at the parish for a few months, I knew by looking at the budget that we needed income in the parish. We realized it wouldn't be fair to rely on a relatively small group of parishioners to supply that income. I had the idea of starting a golf outing to support our parish and school.


    We worked together with The Catholic Foundation of Greater Philadelphia for over a year in planning and preparation, and it was a lot of work. I’m so grateful to The Foundation and the staff who made the process much easier and who allowed me just to have to make decisions instead of doing some of the nitty gritty stuff that's involved.

    The good news is that we had the event; it was an incredible financial success. Well over what we projected to raise, especially for a first-year event. Those are the kind of things that happen when you get engaged with CFGP; they're able to tailor their work to what you're doing. It was a great event and a great way to raise real dollars that will support the work of the parish and the school today.”


Jim Amato, Secretary for Catholic Human Services

Celebrating 10 Years! We asked Jim Amato, Secretary for Catholic Human Services, an organization that has been with CFGP since our founding, why someone should open a fund with CFGP. “First and foremost,” he said, “they should explore all the options of what they want their fund to support and how they want to support and establish that fund. 


    A hundred percent of what they give will support that fund, whether it be folks with developmental disabilities, whether it be the homeless, whether it be the hungry, whether it be at-risk children or youth, whether it be seniors. So, they could tailor their particular interest, their particular giving, and their particular prayer to those services that they must embrace.”

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