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How to Apply for a Grant

Interested in applying for a grant?


  • Applicants must be Catholic, charitable, tax-exempt organizations with valid 501(c)(3) status.
  • For the January 2021 grant cycle, applicants must be from or on behalf of a parish. Parish schools are not eligible for this grant cycle.
  • Applicants should serve the five-county greater Philadelphia area, including Philadelphia, Bucks, Chester, Delaware and Montgomery counties.
  • CFGP does not award grants to individuals.
  • We will not fund salaries through the CFGP grant cycle, whether they be full or part-time positions.
  • Your organization must be in existence for at least 3 years in order to be eligible to apply for a CFGP grant.
  • CFGP will consider grants for capital improvement projects. However, at least 3 bids from potential vendors of the project must be submitted along with the standard CFGP grant application.

Application requirements

The full grant application and guidelines for the January 15, 2021 granting cycle can be found here.

  • A proposal is considered complete when your grant proposal summary form, narrative, and required attachments are uploaded here. Please ensure that all information is labeled accordingly for ease of identification.
  • Each entity must complete CFGP’s Grant Proposal Summary Form, found here.
  • All applications must have a complete grant narrative. A guide for your narrative can be found here.
  • The following attachments should also be included:
  1. Itemized budget for your organization’s current fiscal year. An optional format can be found here.
  2. Current project/program income and expenses. An optional format can be found here.
  3. Most recent annual report or audited financial statement – for parishes, the most recent Report to Pastor is preferred.
  4. Copy of IRS federal tax-exempt letter
  5. A copy of the page on which your organization is listed in the P.J. Kenedy and Sons Official Catholic Directory OR a copy of the section in your organization’s bylaws that states your organization is a Catholic entity.
  6. List of your Board of Directors, Pastoral Council and Finance Council, with affiliations for all.
  7. One-paragraph descriptions of key staff members and their relevant qualifications.
  8. An example of how you have shared the need outlined in your narrative with your community, this can be a copy of your bulletin, an email announcement, etc.
  9. For capital support, 3 bids from potential vendors of the capital project
  10. Optional, Letter(s) of agreement from any collaborating agencies, if applicable.
  11. Optional, Letter(s) of support or press releases, if applicable.

A few notes about the CFGP grant process:

  • CFGP Grant Application deadlines are January 15th and July 15th of every calendar year

  • Please allow up to 90 days after the deadline to hear back regarding your grant application
  • Proposals are shared with the CFGP Grant Committee, who are responsible for making grant decisions. In addition, proposals will be viewed by CFGP’s President and CEO; Senior Director, Partner Development; and Chief Financial Officer.
  • Letters of recommendation or support from other funding sources are recommended.
  • Repeat, multi-year requests are not desirable as CFGP’s vision is to invest in programs and projects that enhance an organization’s ability to self-sustain.
  • Given CFGP’s unique development consulting role and commitment to sustainability, we ask that all financial requests include a plan for fundraising and development support.
  • Face-to-face interviews or site visits are up to the Grant Committee’s discretion