Register today for The CFGP Women in Philanthropy 2022 Forum, Wednesday, October 26th, 8:30 AM – 10:45 AM, at The Drexelbrook Catering & Event Center.


Register today for The CFGP Women in Philanthropy 2022 Forum, Wednesday, October 26th, 8:30 AM – 10:45 AM, at The Drexelbrook Catering & Event Center.






Women in Philanthropy 2022 Forum

October 26, 2022

8:30 AM – 10:45 AM

The Drexelbrook Catering & Event Center

Brandywine Ballroom

4700 Drexelbrook Drive, Drexel Hill, PA 19026

The CFGP’s annual Women in Philanthropy Forum will be held on Wednesday, October 26, 2022.  Women in Philanthropy is a networking event for female business leaders, nonprofit professionals, and philanthropists that aims to give women in the nonprofit sector stronger voices. This year, we are back to an in-person format, hosting a panel discussion with some of the region’s most impactful female philanthropists and nonprofit leaders.

Panel members include:

  • Kasey Brown, President, Young Catholic Professionals Philadelphia | View Bio 
  • Sarah Hanley, President & CEO, The Catholic Foundation of Greater Philadelphia | View Bio 
  • Patricia Holloway, Chair, Paoli Hospital Foundation Board of Directors ​​​​​​​| View Bio 
  • Marisally Santiago, Director of the Office for Ministry with Youth, Archdiocese of Philadelphia | ​​​​​​​View Bio

Additionally, we are fortunate to have Dr. Laura Sicola join us again this year to be the moderator.

We will also be announcing our 2022 Women in Philanthropy Leadership Fund recipient later in the summer. Join us in October for this exciting impactful morning.

To register for the Women in Philanthropy 2022 Forum click here.


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Engaging Youth and Young Adults in the Church Today

May 18, 2022

On Wednesday, May 18th CFGP held their virtual Catholic Leadership Speaker Series featuring guest speakers Marisally Santiago and Matt Davis with the Archdiocese of Philadelphia’s youth ministries. Marisally and Matt looked at common misconceptions versus new perspectives around engaging youth and young adults in today’s Church.

The first misconception is that young people are the future of the church when in reality, young people are the NOW of the church. Our young people are called upon by Pope Francis to be agents of ministry, and we need to advocate for them to be in leadership roles now and accompany and mentor them as Catholics first and foremost.

Another misconception is that the right program will draw and retain young people when in fact, it is relationships that will draw and retain young people. Young people want to be seen, known, and loved. They are searching for identity, belonging, and purpose. They want to connect to Christ and the church. It is our job to mentor and build meaningful, trustworthy relationships.

The third misconception is that “if we build it, they will come!” However, the reality is that we need to listen without judgment or being scandalized, then make plans with our youth based on what we heard. Rather than planning for our youth, we need to be responding to their needs, desires, and dreams centered on our shared relationship.

The last misconception is that the youth/young adult ministry is the responsibility of one person at the parish. Rather, as members of the Body of Christ, we are all responsible for each other. Studies show it takes five people to engage others with the church. What can we do: be a mentor, a welcoming presence, advocate, and witness.

Let’s not forget: the history of salvation is webbed with the Yes of young people!

Click here to watch a recording of this event.

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The Top 5 Mistakes Business Leaders Make in Helping the Church

February 23, 2022

The fourth installment of our virtual Catholic Leadership Speaker series featured special guest speaker Daniel J. Cellucci, CEO, Catholic Leadership Institute.

Dan spoke about the top 5 mistakes business leaders make in trying to help the church. Drawing on the personal experience of 17 years and extensive research from Catholic Leadership Institute across the country, Dan offered the following information:

1.      The “ALLEY-OOP” – Can you dunk a basketball repeatedly? Business leaders present great ideas to the clergy and often expect the church to run with it as we often do in business. But the breadth of the portfolio is a lot wider than what business leaders deal with. Often they do not have the resources that a business does. Instead, when we present an idea we also need to come up with the capacity to see the idea through to completion.

2.      Marathon Thinking – You’re in a 5k, they are in a 26.2. As clergy, priests and bishops are caretakers of the patrimony of the whole of their church. They think about the long-term responsibilities that come with an idea. Business leaders need to help them think through the long-term plan and follow through.

3.      Unbalanced Sheet – Are we looking at the same ROI? Business leaders use key performance indicators and metrics. However, priests’ and bishops’ source of motivation is very different. It is their love of their people and their people’s love of the Lord that motivates them. Business leaders need to bridge the gap between the language and mission of the church and business metrics.

4.      Non-profit Amnesia - Why are we quiet in meetings? Business leaders need to ask themselves when they sit in church-related meetings, “what would I do in my business?” We cannot be overly deferential to the clergy in secular matters. Business leaders must remember that the clergy are people who need input, ideas, and actionable items. We must offer feedback to help bring them along in the process.

5.      The Parent Trap - Do you feel more successful as a parent or as a CEO? There is a difference between being a boss and being a spiritual leader/boss. Priests and bishops care deeply about the "family" of the church and may react in a way that is not what we would do in business. We need to help the clergy to maximize their potential. It’s important to try and understand what might be in their hearts and minds so that we can better serve them.

Dan Cellucci is CEO of Catholic Leadership Institute, an apostolate providing leadership training and consulting to more than 280 bishops, 2,700 priests, and over 27,000 deacons, religious and lay leaders in more than 100 dioceses.

To watch a recording of this event please click here.



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Catholic Leadership Speaker Series

October 14, 2021

Our third virtual Catholic Leadership Speaker Series featured special guest speaker Dr. James Smith, Jr., President and CEO of Dr. James Smith, Jr.

He spoke about new ways to accelerate our personal power to consistently live what we give. These are challenging, character-building and pivotal times. During this quick-paced, high-energy session, we:

  • Explored the true meaning of authenticity
  • Uncovered why it’s more important than ever before for us to be at our authentic best
  • Discussed what helps and what hinders authentic expression
  • Examined how authenticity can help us provide a much greater level of service and support
  • Explored the impact that personal power, personal accountability, and faith have on authentic communication and living

For over 20 years, hundreds of thousands of people, both national and international audiences of all sizes, have experienced the passion, creativity, storytelling, unshakeable positivity and mind-shifting power of Dr. James Smith, Jr. CSP.

Dr. James has authored three books with The No Excuse Guide to Success: No Matter What Your Boss or Life Throws at You book earning an NAACP Image Award nomination. His most recent book (a co-authored book project), A Collective Breath: Stories of Being Black in America and Visions of Change, was recently released. His James’ Journal blog reaches audiences all over the world. When he’s not JIMPACTing, Dr. James helps to raise awareness and support for people on the Autism Spectrum.

To watch a recording of this event, please click here

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Catholic Leadership Speaker Series

April 21, 2021

Our second virtual Catholic Leadership Speaker Series featured special guest speaker Christopher Franklin, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Essential Utilities, Inc. Christopher discussed what it is like to run a highly successful enterprise that focuses on delivering excellent service, acting as stewards of the environment, enhancing economic development, and making charitable contributions. He also discussed his company’s core values, how he implements compassion and stewardship into his company's culture and the importance of diversity both in the workplace and through company partnerships.

Christopher has served as CEO since July 2015, and as Chairman since December 2017. Since being named CEO in 2015, the company’s market capitalization more than doubled, to more than $11 billion. Through the company’s growth-through-acquisition program, customer count nearly doubled and total return to shareholders was more than 100%.

In 2018, the company welcomed its one-millionth customer, and in 2019, it announced what will be the largest municipal acquisition in the company’s history – an agreement to acquire the wastewater assets of the Delaware County Regional Water Quality Control Authority (DELCORA), adding 165,000 new customers. But the accomplishment Christopher is most proud of is building a strong management team. He has worked deliberately to bring diversity to the company’s Board of Directors, employee base and management team. Under his leadership, the company has been recognized by the Forum of Executive Women in Philadelphia. Additionally, he was named one of the Philadelphia Business Journal’s Most Admired CEOs.

Christopher earned his Bachelor’s degree from West Chester University and his MBA from Villanova University. He and his wife, Jennifer, have three children and are members of St. Norbert Parish.

To watch a recording of this event, please click here.


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Catholic Leadership Speaker Series

December 09, 2020

Our first-ever virtual Catholic Leadership Speaker Series featured special guest speaker Montse Alvarado, Vice President and Executive Director for The Becket Fund for Religious Liberty.

Montse Alvarado joined the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty in 2009 and was named Vice President and Executive Director in February 2017.

With a background in public policy, she has led initiatives at Becket that have secured seven Supreme Court religious liberty victories including two wins against the contraceptive mandate, two protecting the rights of religious groups to choose their leaders, and one safeguarding the free speech of crisis pregnancy centers and religious groups on campus. Montse was profiled by the Wall Street Journal’s Weekend Edition with the following introduction: “A defender of all religion, on the front lines of America’s culture wars."

Montse has degrees from George Washington University and Florida International University. 

To watch a recording of this event, please click here.


CFGP at the 2019 Women in Philanthropy Forum

2019 Women in Philanthropy Forum

October 22, 2019

Our fourth annual Women in Philanthropy Forum might have been our best one yet! This year’s theme focused on the Catholic giving landscape from a woman’s perspective, and our panel was filled with representatives from across the nonprofit sector. From development professionals to philanthropists, each female panelist brought something unique and inspiring to the table. Discussion topics also included the importance of female leaders in the nonprofit sector and how to effectively convey your mission’s message.

Special thanks to our panelists Irene Hannan, Charlene Flaherty, Linda McDonough and Theresa Murtagh, and our moderator, Dr. Laura Sicola, who did a fabulous job guiding our discussion!

Rev. Rob Hagan, O.S.A. and Most Reverend Timothy C. Senior

Catholic Executive Breakfast: An Inspirational Presentation by Rev. Rob Hagan, O.S.A.

October 18, 2019

For our first-ever Catholic Executive Breakfast, CFGP teamed up with local businesses to host a morning of reflection and empowerment. With Fr. Rob Hagan, O.S.A., of Villanova University as our keynote speaker, our guests were destined for an inspirational morning. Fr. Rob spoke to us about hope, gratitude, and most importantly, faith, and we all left just a little more motivated than we were before. We thank Fr. Rob for being with us for this event, and our sponsors, Kistler Tiffany, PMC Property Group, FirstTrust and KeyBank for making it possible!

The three panelists, Rob Weinstein, Marty Farrell, and Christina Haciski

CFGP Fundraiser’s Forum

May 23, 2019

Our spring Fundraiser’s Forum featured a panel of development experts who provided insight into key factors impacting volunteer management, stewardship, grant and foundation relations, alumni relations and more. Our panelists included:

  • Rob Weinstein, Vice President of Development, Gesu School
  • Marty Farrell, Director of Development and Community Relations, St. John’s Hospice
  • Christina Haciski, Director of Advancement, St. Mary Interparochial School


Dr. Asif M. Ilyas speaking to the crowd

CFGP and Rothman Orthopaedics Spring Health Care Forum: Pain Management and the Opioid Crisis

May 01, 2019

This event brought together health care practitioners and executives from our area who are regularly impacted by the opioid crisis. Our speakers shared their thoughts on pain management and patients with addiction. Guest speakers included:

  • Dr. Asif M. Ilyas, President, Rothman Orthopaedic Institute Foundation for Opioid Research & Education
  • Dr. Nicholas Tenaglia, Board Chairman and CEO of the Progressions Companies and Malvern Institute
  • Dr. Alexander Vaccaro, President, Rothman Orthopaedic Institute
  • Mr. Geoff Botak, Malvern Institute



Mike Gillespie, Jr. giving a talk about web design and content marketing for nonprofits

Fall Philanthropic Workshop Series: Website Best Practices and Prioritizing Your Development Efforts

November 07, 2018

Gillespie Group’s Vice President, Mike Gillespie, Jr. and CFGP’s Associate Director of Mission Advancement Services, Emily Gambino, discussed web design and content marketing for nonprofits and gave effective and efficient tips to prioritizing development goals.

Dr. Rosalie M. Mirenda receiving her Women in Philanthropy award

Women in Philanthropy Luncheon

October 16, 2018

This annual luncheon celebrates women leaders who inspire others in philanthropy and faith. Women in Philanthropy 2018 honored Dr. Rosalie M. Mirenda, President Emeritus of Neumann University with the Love in Action Award. The Love in Action Award is given to a female leader and philanthropist who has bettered her community through her love of the Faith and dedication to service. Women in Philanthropy 2018 also featured guest speakers from the first beneficiary organization of CFGP’s Women in Philanthropy Leadership Fund, the Gianna Center of Philadelphia.

Attendees at the Spring Philanthropic Workshop Series

Spring Philanthropic Workshop Series: Navigating the New Tax Law and the Future of Planned Giving

May 22, 2018

CFGP’s Planned Giving and Development Officer, Ms. Kelly Diaz-Albertini, Esq., informed workshop attendees of what to expect from the new tax law, evaluating the challenges and opportunities in ‘The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.’ Ms. Diaz-Albertini also hosted a segment on the future of planned giving where she discussed development strategies and the role of professional advisors to help create a planned gift pipeline.

Phillie Phanatic posing with a CAC member during lunch

Catholic Athletes for Christ Philadelphia Kick-Off

May 17, 2018

Catholic Athletes for Christ (CAC), a nationally recognized nonprofit that helps Catholic athletes share the Gospel through athletics, officially launched in Philadelphia in May of 2018. To celebrate their arrival, CAC worked with CFGP to host a kick-off celebration, attended by local, Archdiocesan athletes and their families. Event highlights also included the appearances of special guests Jason Avant (former Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver), Dwight Gooden (former Major League Baseball pitcher), Bernie Parent (former Philadelphia Flyers goal tender) and the Phillie Phanatic!

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