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CFGP Fundholders

We are pleased to have you within The Catholic Foundation of Greater Philadelphia (CFGP) community as a fundholder. From all of us at CFGP, we thank you for choosing us to manage your philanthropy.

CFGP is your trusted resource for Catholic philanthropy. Our team is comprised of financial, development, and marketing professionals who work together to ensure your fund is managed as you intend, while maximizing its visibility within our Catholic community. We’re also here to help establish and implement creative fundraising strategies that will secure gifts to your fund if you wish.

Below are helpful forms that you will need to access your fund's balance, make distributions from your fund, and more. You may also choose to use the Additional Fund Contributions online gift form below. Should you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us at the information listed at the bottom of this page.

Forms available for download

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additional fund services

As a CFGP Fundholder, many opportunities are available to you. Our team manages all of the administrative, audit and distribution work of your fund, making it easier than ever to manage your organization’s philanthropy. Additionally, our team can provide:

  • Fundraising and development opportunities through our nonprofit consulting services
  • Marketing capabilities to help your fund grow and sustain a future for your mission or one you care about

Contact us

Sarah O. Hanley

Emily Gambino

President and Chief Executive Officer

Chief Partner Development Officer | 267-592-6709 | 267-592-6708



Jody Romano

Joanne S. Beck

Chief Advancement Officer

Director, Brand Marketing | 267-592-6715 | 445-544-8551



Beverly Gandolfo

Mary Jo Rohrer

Chief Financial Officer

Relationship Manager | 267-592-6712 | 445-544-8558