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St. Gabriel's School

January 11th, 2016

St. Gabriel’s School, an Independence Mission School, was awarded a $5,500 grant for assistance in updating their current security system.

Presently, St. Gabriel’s School operates with just a single door buzzer, located at the front door of the building. The School also has no type of surveillance cameras to monitor who comes in and out of their doors. Now, with an Out of School Time program being added to their curriculum that will run until 6:00 p.m., St. Gabriel’s is in need of a modernized system.

St. Gabriel’s is located in a section of Philadelphia that is riddled with crime, drugs and poverty, making the safety of their students that much more imperative. With the installation of a new security system, St. Gabriel’s will be able to keep track of their students as they move from one building to another, as well as monitor when their parents pick them up in the evening. In addition, the new system will require parents to gain access to the building rather than simply being buzzed in. This will ensure that students are leaving the premises with the correct individuals.


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