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The Philadelphia Archdiocesan Historical Research Center (PAHRC)

November 17th, 2015

The Philadelphia Archdiocesan Historical Research Center (PAHRC) has been awarded a $4,180 grant from The Catholic Foundation of Greater Philadelphia to assist them in the purchase of a new microfilm reader printer.Having been in existence since 1989, PAHRC is responsible for collecting, preserving, and making available to the public the historical records that document the history of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia, as well as the growth of Catholicism in the United States. However, PAHRC is so much more, serving as a gateway into the genealogy of individuals from all over the country. Many individuals who have immigrated to the United States have found their relatives through the parish records stored at the Research Center. Similarly, individuals who are merely interested in piecing together their family trees have turned to the Research Center to uncover their roots. PAHRC can truly be considered a hidden gem in the Archdiocese.CFGP’s grant award will specifically help to continue the transfer of all records housed at PAHRC onto microfilm paper. PAHRC’s current microfilm printer is old and outdated, operating at a much slower rate than the requests for records that the Center receives. PAHRC’s new printer will speed the process so that their client’s needs can be met in a timely manner.

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