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Thea Women's Center at St. Francis Inn

May 21st, 2015

The Catholic Foundation of Greater Philadelphia presented its latest Community Impact Award to St. Francis Inn, located in the Kensington neighborhood of Philadelphia. The $500 award was given specifically for the benefit of the Thea Women's Center, one of St. Francis Inns' several ministries.

Mural of St. Francis painted outside the main site of St. Francis Inn.

The Thea Women's Center is a "drop-in" style outreach facility where struggling women are able to seek refuge, counseling, a hot meal, and more. Established in 1989, the Center's primary role is to provide a community to women where they can minister to each other's needs in a nurturing, judge-free zone.

"The Center gives women a place to get away from their temptations," said Ms. Kit Horan, Director of the Women's Center. "Many of the women we're serving are very active during the nighttime, so the Center offers them a place to go during the daytime that will encourage them to make positive decisions in their life."

Ms. Kit Horan (center) pictured with beneficiaries of the Thea Women's Center.

The Thea Women's Center also fosters a sense of involvement among its attendees. Women are encouraged to help create an atmosphere of sanctuary and peace upon arrival, and act as mentors to younger women who have experienced similar struggles.

"When you live in the population that these women live in, making friends can be really difficult," explained Ms. Horan. "Just to have a friend who has been there and knows what someone is going through is so important. Really, the girls are the core of the Center. Everything from making coffee to running group sessions, our girls do."

CFGP Board of Trustees member, Dr. Tammy Tenaglia, and Chief Operating Officer, Mr. Michael Murphy, presented the Community Impact Award to Ms. Horan, as well as three beneficiaries of the Thea Women's Center. The Award will help to support the services of the Center for one month of operation.

The Thea Women's Center is also undergoing a relocation project. They will reopen to the public at their new location next month.

CFGP congratulates the Thea Women's Center on their award and is thrilled to assist them in their mission to improve the lives of women in our community.

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