Community Impact Awards

The Sisters of St. Joseph Welcome Center

August 8th, 2016

The Sisters of St. Joseph Welcome Center in Kensington is the recipient of CFGP's Community Impact Award, the $500 award will support their educational programming.

While the Welcome Center may look small, there is more hard work and dedication coming from its halls than one could imagine. The Welcome Center serves as a resource to immigrants from the surrounding community. The Center offers English and Computer Skills classes, and Citizenship Test Preparation. The Center also has its own on-site technology lab for their classes use. In addition to teaching classes, staff members accompany their students to doctor visits, hospitals, and clinics to assist them in their adjustment to life in a new country.

The Welcome Center has seen a steady increase in enrollment in all of their classes. For their upcoming fall session, they already have more than 200 students enrolled and a growing waiting list. To meet the needs of their growing organization, the Center is also renovating the property next door to their current location. The new property, expected to open in October, will provide additional meeting space for classes.


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