Community Impact Awards

Gesu School

September 21st, 2015

The Catholic Foundation of Greater Philadelphia presented Gesu School with a $500 Community Impact Award. The Award will assist students and their families in purchasing new school uniforms.

Having celebrated its 20th anniversary last year, Gesu School has been a model for success since its inception. With soaring enrollment rates and a positive reputation within the city of Philadelphia, Gesu School continues to uphold the highest academic standards and shapes well-rounded, engaged students. 
Gesu School is home to over 450 students, ranging from pre-K to 8th grade, who reside in some of the most poverty-stricken communities of North Philadelphia. Enrollment at Gesu School is open to students from one of six zip codes, but there are no selective academic admissions requirements. Gesu School seeks to provide their students with the academic, spiritual and social development needed to succeed, and prepares students not only for high school, but for their future careers.

Gesu School attributes much of their successful academics to their single gender classroom approach, and vast array of advanced coursework and extracurricular programs. Students not only participate in regular classes like Science and Math, but are also exposed to classes in art, ballroom dancing, physical education and choir.  

CFGP is proud to assist Gesu School with a Community Impact Award for their charitable efforts and commitment to fostering education. Congratulations!

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