Community Impact Awards

Augustinian Volunteers

December 8th, 2015

The Augustinian Volunteers, a charity dedicated to serving the community locally, nationally, and internationally received a $500 Community Impact Award from CFGP that will assist in their mission work across the world.

Since 2000, the Augustinian Volunteers have been facilitating a program geared towards men and women with a desire to serve others. The volunteer program focuses on partnering individuals who want to serve, with sites around the world who are in need. Once a match is made, these men and women travel to their assigned site where they live and serve for 10-11 months. The program’s service sites include: Chicago, IL, Lawrence, MA, San Diego, CA, Ventura, CA, and Chulucanas, Peru, with additional sites in previous years including Italy and Philadelphia, PA. Volunteers who participate in the program primarily serve in schools as instructors, teacher’s aids and campus ministers, and in social service agencies such as homeless shelters, orphanages and more. This year, the volunteer program has 17 individuals serving throughout the U.S. and in Peru.

The Augustinian Volunteers are affiliated with the Augustinians of the Province of St. Thomas of Villanova, whose tradition of service is to impact those directly affected by poverty. All young lay men and women are invited to participate in the Augustinian Volunteers’ program.

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