Frequently Asked Questions


How much funding can I apply for?

Although CFGP’s Grant Committee has a budget for grant disbursement, how much you apply for is up to you. We encourage you to review our previously granted applications here for an idea of how much we have awarded in the past.


Does our project fit into your funding priority?

If your project hits on one or more of the major points outlined on our RFP, you are encouraged to apply. If your project falls outside of those core areas, you can apply so long as you address why you considered it with our funding priorities in mind.

Foundation Tip: CFGP’s Grant Committee will evaluate proposals based on the request’s sustainability, feasibility, and impact. We advise that your organization ensure these three core areas are addressed when writing your application.


We are uncertain if we should apply, can you let us know?

CFGP cannot let anyone know if they should apply for a grant or not. That is up to the individual non-profit. We highly recommend reviewing our granting cycle’s funding priorities, and comparing your organization’s request, before deciding to apply.

Foundation Tip: To see a sample Grant Application to prepare you for application submission, please click here.


Will you partially fund my grant application?

We have partially funded grant applications in the past, but there is no guarantee that we will do so in the future.


Is there anything you will NOT fund?

Yes. CFGP does not award grants to individuals, or to fund salaries of individuals, whether they be full or part-time positions.


How often does CFGP award grants?

CFGP awards grants twice per year. Our deadlines are January 15th and July 15th of every calendar year, unless otherwise noted on our website.


I’ve received a grant from CFGP before. Do I need to re-submit all of my information again when re-applying?

Yes. Because CFGP’s funding priorities will change each cycle, you must submit all documentation and materials that each individual RFP requests.