Giving Options

Learn how your charitable goals can be achieved through one of these thoughtful giving options:


  • Endowments Endowments enable you to make an impact that lasts for generations. An endowment allows you, your organization, or your institution to provide continuous and long-term support for the charitable organizations closest to your heart. Endowments ensure perpetual long term financial support to your chosen cause. Endowment Funds may be created from an immediate gift or planned gift such as a bequest or trust
  • Donor-Advised Funds A Donor Advised Fund allows you to streamline your charitable giving. To create a donor-advised fund, you make a deductible gift of cash, securities or property to The Catholic Foundation of Greater Philadelphia, and we establish a Donor Advised Fund in your name and under our management. Per your Donor Agreement, you may recommend distributions from your Donor Advised Fund to support the charitable organizations that you care most about. You will also receive verification for tax purposes of contributions you make to your donor advised fund, as well as regular summaries of the distributions your Fund has made.
  • Program Funds A Program Fund is an easy way for all of the supporters of an institution, cause, or group to come together for the common good of that organization. The long-term sustainability of the organization is a shared goal of every supporter. A Program Fund can be created by the organization itself or a benefactor of any means.
  • Deferred Gifts Deferred gifts allow you and your family to leave a lasting legacy as a final act of generosity. Typically, a planned or deferred gift is a long-term gift such as a bequest, charitable gift annuity, retirement plan provision or other trust arrangement. Such gifts are often the vehicles by which many families have created very meaningful legacies for themselves and enriched the lives of others. Making a planned gift can be simple, and it is a manner of giving that an individual of any means can make.
  • Gifts of Retirement Plan and Life Insurance Assets
  • Charitable Gift Annuities and Remainder Trusts Charitable Gift Annuities and Remainder Trusts allow individuals to make a lasting impact while also providing themselves, or loved ones with a set income. If you want to guarantee you and your loved ones are taken care of during your lifetime but also ensure you leave a philanthropic legacy, a charitable gift annuity or remainder trust may make the most sense for you. Our professional staff can assist you in developing a plan that best matches your needs with your long term philanthropic goals.